Yard Spooler


  • Levelwind override system ensures tubing to be spooled evenly; 

  • Telescopic structure allows larger reels to be carried and also reduces transportation cost; 

  • Changeable reel pivot permits both wooden reels and steel reels to be carried; 

  • Controls integrated on a remote console to guarantee a safe distance during operation. 


Model DGQ180-102
Max. Reel Outside Flange Diameter 180″
Max. Reel Outside Flange to Flange Width 102″
Min. Reel Outside Flange to Flange Width 58″
Max. Load Capacity 40t
Dimensions (without control console ) 4,500×4,500×4,000 mm

Max. Transportation Dimensions

(levelwind arm removed)

4,500×2,600×3,300 mm (without guard)
4,560×2,670×3,300mm(with guard)
Weight (without reel) 5,000 kg

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