Manifold Unit


  • Reasonable layout, superior mobility and off-road performance, suitable for domestic rough road conditions such as mountains, hills and desert areas.

  • Provide customized manifold and one-stop solutions for fracturing operations.

  • Unique double-truck mounted high pressure manifold unit satisfies domestic special fracturing requirements.

  • Reasonable power matching integrated with the function of transportation, lifting, boosting, drainage and pressure testing realize the optimum matching of the power efficiency.

  • One-button operation and remote pressure test ensure the reliable and safe job.


Model 105 Manifold Unit 140 Manifold Unit
Carrier Truck / Trailer / Skid
Pressure Testing Pump VF14 / RD115 VF12 / RD120
Low Pressure Manifold T-type / π-type, Customizable
High Pressure Manifold U-type,  Customizable
Max. Working Pressure 15,000 psi (103.5 MPa) 20,000 psi (138 MPa)
Crane HIAB / National/UNIC
Rated Lifting Capacity 10/12/16/18T

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