Nitrogen Generator Unit


  • World-renowned compressors are used, delivering small vibration, low noise, stable running and excellent weatherability;

  • Advanced multi-stage gas treatment technology and drainage override system enhance and stabilize the treatment effect and extend the membrane life;

  • Hollow fiber membrane technology and Jereh’s membrane stabilization technology ensure high separation rate and stable output, fit for the jobs in various conditions;

  • The advanced horizontal opposed multi-stage compressor and analysis on pulsation and torsional vibration offer steady running, reliable boosting and long continuous operating time;

  • JNGS full-automatic monitoring system enables real-time monitoring and analyzing of the working data, automatic trouble diagnosis and one-key operation.


Model DF 600 DF 900 DF 1200 DF 1500 DF 1800
Discharge Rate 21,200 SCFH (600 Nm3/h) 31,800 SCFH (900 Nm3/h) 42,400 SCFH ( 1,200 Nm3/h) 52,900 SCFH (1,500 Nm3/h) 63,600 SCFH (1800 Nm3/h)
N2 Pressure 145~7,250 psi (1~50 Mpa)
N2 Purity 95% (90~99.9%)
Drive Diesel Engine / Gas Engine / Electric Motor

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