Coiled Tubing Unit Simulator


Jereh CT operation simulation system aims at helping operators of different levels by simulating the actual working conditions via 3D virtual system.  

  • 3D scenes and human interactive interfaces, equipment arrangement on site to be displayed though animation;

  • Designed with realistic sounds and real-time voice prompt;

  • Digital and gauge readout to monitor in real time;

  • User-friendly interface; software of reliable performance eliminates the possibility of system fault caused by misoperation;

  • System incorporates common job failures, alarm and operation instructions to help operators command CTU operation and work process. 

  • Patented mathematical models performs simulation and calculation based on job design and actual working conditions  

  • Industrial PLC ensures stable system operation and high reliability.


  • Safe & Economical: Operators are allowed for repeated practice without risking hazards or equipment damage in case real equipment is used. 

  • Efficient & Real: Mathematical models based on real working data, verisimilar environment sound and real time voice prompt provide operators better experience

  • Intelligent & Reliable: Fault analysis system delivers solutions to different troubles for preparations for unexpected jobs.




Joint Operation

The CT operation simulation system is capable of performing the following simulations:
CT gas lift 
CT sand removal and well cleanup 
CT liquid displacement 
CT acidizing 
CT fracturing 
CT fishing 
Equipment installation and removal including lubricator installation, BOP & injector lifting, downhole string removal

(Ports for development of more customized simulations reserved)            


Working Voltage 220V 50Hz AC
Rated Power 1,500W
Temperature -20℃~50℃
Display Resolution Single Screen/ Multiple Screens 1,920×1,080, 5,400×1,920, 3,840×1,080
Non-failure Operation Time ≥10,000 hours
Overall Dimensions 2,300×1,130×1,325 mm  

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