Choke Manifold & Data Head


Choke Manifold and Data Head are key components in surface test system. 


Choke Manifold
  • Used to control flow and pressure during testing
  • Special five-valve module (gate valve)
  • Double-bean design: one (1) positive choke valve with a pressure relief valve on one side and one (1) manual choke valve on the other side. 
  • Full bore and two-way metal seal
  • Choke bean features hard alloy inside, delivering high resistance to erosion and corrosion.


Data Head

  • Installed on upstream and downstream of choke manifold, equipped with pressure ports and temperature ports to connect pressure gauge, pressure sensor and chemical injection device.
  • Easy for pressure and temperature record and monitor.
  • A sampling port is available for fluid sampling.
  • Pressure port can be used to inject chemicals such as anti-freezing agent and anti-foaming agent to prevent hydrate from blocking flow path. 
  • Autoclave is available for pressure above 10,000psi.


Bore 2 1/16"~ 4 1/16"
Working Pressure 5,000~15,000psi
Temperature Level L, P, U
Material Grade DD, EE, FF, HH
Manufacturing Level PSL2, PSL3, PSL3G, PSL4
Performance Level PR1, PR2
Standards API SPEC 6A , API SPEC 16C

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