Frac Valve


Jereh frac valves are developed to meet continuous high pressure and large displacement demand. The valve is installed on frac tree or frac manifold, with a balancing lower stem on the bottom and a unique ball screw structure, featuring low torque and easy operation. 


  • Full-bore, two-way symmetrical downstream seal, pressure assisted seal
  • Two lubrication fittings for washout and lubrication of valve chamber
  • Proper gap between gate and seat can block foreign matters and prevent binding.
  • Zero-chamfer flowbores help to mitigate turbulence during fracturing operations.
  • Low open/close torque, only 2/3 of valves of the same size and pressure rating
  • Hard alloy sealing surface and metal seal deliver long service life.
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic actuator realizes remote control. 


Working Pressure 5,000 psi~20,000 psi
Working Medium Drilling fluid, frac acidizing fluid, oil, sour natural gas, water
Main Bore 4-1/16"~9"
Temperature Level K~U (-75℉~250℉)
Material Grade AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH
Manufacturing Level PSL1~PSL4
Performance Level PR1, PR2

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