Safety Valve


Jereh Safety Valve is equipped with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuator, widely used in Christmas tree and surface manifold. In case of any emergency such as oil/gas leak or fire, Safety Valve can immediately shut off well to protect production.                                     


  • Adopting gate valve structure

  • Actuator delivers high pressure containing capability and long life.

  • Able to shut off in case of failure

  • Quick shut within 4-8 seconds

  • Equipped with lock and fire-proof functions

  • Applicable to master valve and wing valve of Christmas tree and surface manifold

  • A control panel for actuator


Bore 1 13/16"~4 1/16"
Working Pressure 3,000 psi~15,000 psi
Temperature Level K~U (-75℉~250℉)
Material Grade AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH
Manufacturing Level PSL1~PSL4
Performance Level PR1, PR2

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