Apollo Turbine-driven Frac Pumper


Based on cooperation between Jereh and Vericor, Apollo turbine-driven frac pumper is powered by a turbine engine (5600 hp) and a JR5000QPW super quintuplex plunger pump. Compared with conventional diesel-driven pumper, Apollo achieves much higher horsepower output, almost two times with smaller footprint, lighter weight and lower total cost.


  • Efficient: The high reduction ratio gearbox enables the Vericor turbine engine running as high as possible to achieve high engine efficiency.

  • Cost-effective: Increasing single-unit HHP to reduce amount of equipment on-site, achieving smaller site footprint and reduced on-site labor costs.

  • Eco-friendly: Ability to burn 100% natural gas, resulting in 42% lower NOx and 65% lower CO than Tier IV regulations.



5100 SHP Frac Pumper


Vericor TF50F turbine engine

Plunger Pump/ Plunger Size


Max. Output Power

4,200 hhp

Max. Pressure

15,000 psi (103.5 MPa)

Max. Flowrate

532 gpm (2 m³/min) 

Nominal Rating-at 15℃ (59 ℉), at sea level, relative humidity 60%.

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