Electrify Your Hydraulic Fracking Operations
Smarter Oilfield Operations

The IntelliFrac electric pumping unit is electricity-powered JR7000QPE Quintuplex Plunger Pump it boosts power and efficiency to hydraulic fracking operations. The IntelliFrac is compact, highly efficient, and requires low maintenance. The IntelliFrac fleet reduces the overall logistics cost of operations since a single truck can carry all the auxiliaries needed for fracking operations. We are enhancing your operations mobility by giving your fracking operations the added advantage of switching sites quickly.

The IntelliFrac can be used on the grid or integrated with Jereh's Power2Go (Gas Turbine Generator Set). The Power2Go (Gas Turbine Generator Set) will convert gas from your rig to electricity, and IntelliFrac will use this electricity to run Hydraulic Fracturing operations.

Make your power with Power2Go and run your hydraulic fracking operations with IntelliFrac. Reduce operation costs and increase efficiency significantly with the help of Jereh. Jereh is one of the leading oilfield equipment manufacturers, which means we offer customized products based on your hydraulic fracturing equipment needs. Get in touch with us for details.

  • ESG Compliant
    Meet Environmental Regulations
    Zero CO2 emissions are released during hydraulic pumping operations since zero gallons of diesel are consumed. IntelliFrac runs purely on electricity.
    IntelliFrac operation noise is less than 90 decibels, leading to less noise pollution.
  • Reliable Operations
    Reduce Downtime and Operational Costs
    The IntelliFrac electric engine lasts longer between repairs than traditional diesel engines, preventing site downtime and additional maintenance costs.
    Installation is easy, and rig setup time is speedy since IntelliFrac requires fewer power supply cable connections.
  • Increase Operations Mobility
    Compact and Mobile
    A single truck can carry all the required auxiliaries for electric hydraulic fracking, increasing mobility by giving oil production companies the advantage of quickly switching sites.
  • Safety Features
    Ensuring Safe Operations
    IntelliFrac electric hydraulic fracturing operations can be monitored or diagnosed remotely using data vans which Jereh can provide.
    No hot fueling is needed, like with diesel-hydraulic fracturing units.
    Less silica dust is released during processes reducing exposure and health risks for the crew.
IntelliFrac vs. Diesel Frac
Jereh Energy Equipment and Technologies Corporation has the ability to customize IntelliFrac according to your hydraulic fracturing pumping power needs. Below are some of the key takeaways of owning and managing a electric fracturing fleet for your hydraulic fracturing operations.
Maintenance cost
Pumping Power
Fleet Size
  • IntelliFrac
    Fueling on location; Maintenance on site
  • Diesel Frac
    No fueling system; No Oil/Filter changes
Plunger Dia.(5″)
  • Carrier
  • Electric Motor
    6,000 hp VF Motor
  • Motor Voltage
    3,300 VAC
  • VFD
    6,000 hp
  • Max. Working Pressure
    16,200 psi
  • Max. Flowrate
    18.9 bpm
  • Weight
    128,980 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions
    730 x 102 x 165 in
Jereh Electric Frac. Pumper in Xinjiang
Jereh Electric Frac. Pumper in Xinjiang
  • Operation Flowrate & Pressure:
  • Daily Operating Time:
    20 hrs
  • Accumulated Operating Time:
    5,000 hrs
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