Nitrogen Pumping Unit Simulator


Jereh nitrogen pumping unit simulation system integrated with teaching, learning and practice functions is self-developed based on real job conditions. The simulator provides a real-life operational environment through 3D virtual technology to help the operator learn and grasp the operating skills quickly.

  • 3D scenes and human interactive interfaces, equipment arrangement on site to be displayed though animation;

  • Designed with realistic sounds and real-time voice prompt;

  • Digital and gauge readout to monitor in real time;

  • User-friendly interface, software of reliable performance eliminates the possibility of system fault caused by misoperation;

  • System incorporates common job failures, alarm and operation instructions to help operators command nitrogen pumping operation and work process;

  • Patented mathematical models perform simulation and calculation based on job design and actual working conditions;

  • Industrial PLC ensures stable system operation and high reliability;


  • High Fidelity: Self-developed data module, realistic sounds and real-time voice prompt provide a real-life operational environment. The parameters such as the displacement and discharge pressure are controlled in real time as per the job process;

  • Energy Saving & Environmental: Operators are allowed for repeated practice without risking hazards or equipment damage in case real equipment is used;

  • Intelligent & Reliable: The simulator adopts industrial PLC control and is designed with malfunction analysis function which help the operator react to the various failures rapidly.

Joint Operation

The nitrogen pumping unit simulation system is capable of performing the following simulations: Gas Lift

Nitrogen Displacement and Purging
Acidizing Fracturing Operation
Foam Cementing
Unbalanced Drilling
(Ports for development of more customized simulations reserved)


Working Voltage 220V 50Hz AC
Rated Power 1,500W
Temperature -20℃~50℃
Display Resolution Single Screen/ Multiple Screens 1,920×1,080, 5,400×1,920, 3,840×1,080
Non-failure Operation Time ≥10,000 hours
Overall Dimensions 2,300×1,130×1,325 mm  

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